Good Cider

Molley Chomper makes hard cider in Ashe County, North Carolina.  Our passion is to make delicious ciders that people love to drink and that showcase the wonderful fruit and farmers of the Southern Appalachian region.  

 Hewe's Crab Apples from Foggy Ridge Orchard, Dugspur, Virginia

Hewe's Crab Apples from Foggy Ridge Orchard, Dugspur, Virginia

good fruit 

When folks try our cider, they often ask what makes it different.  It's the fruit.  We work primarily with small orchards that grow heirloom and traditional cider varieties.  Our growers agree to harvest at peak ripeness, which results in lower yields but much better cider:  The final stages of fruit ripening create deeper, more complex flavors and aromas.  

We use traditional cider varieties, including tannic "bittersweets" and "bittersharps" of European origin and heritage American cider apples.  

We also love to find and use traditional apples of the Southern Appalachian region, including Limbertwigs and a variety of dessert and crab apples, such as Virginia Beauty and Hewe's Crab.  

Well-known dessert varieties, such as Golden Delicious, lend wonderful familiarity and nostalgia to some of our ciders.  

Good Process

Our approach to cider making is pragmatic, not dogmatic:  we do what works to create the best possible cider that honors the fruit and farmers.  We use traditional European cider making practices where they make sense, like sweating fruit to yield a richer juice.  We also use modern "reductive" wine making techniques to yield fresh, aromatic ciders, while dramatically reducing the need for sulphites to prevent oxidation during maturation.  

We love to experiment, including using local fruits such as blueberries, wild cherries and pumpkins to create unique blended ciders and fruit wines.

We care deeply about terroir and authenticity, which to us means knowing our farmers and orchardists and their farms and fruit.  

 Pressing day at the cidery in Lansing, NC

Pressing day at the cidery in Lansing, NC

 Bent Apple Farm, Lansing NC

Bent Apple Farm, Lansing NC

Good People

Molley Chomper is run by a small, hard-working, fun-loving team of cider makers.  Kate and Tim Arscott founded Molley Chomper in 2015.  They live on a farm nearby, where they raise two boys, two formerly-stray cats, a flock of chickens, bees, a well-fed herd of deer, and a growing cider orchard (1,000+ trees at last count).  Tim and Kate learned to make cider at home, harvesting apples from old trees on the farm and from generous friends and neighbors.  Before launching Molley Chomper, they learned the technical aspects of cider making through the Cornell and Washington State University extension programs.  

Kate Arscott - Owner / Sales / Cider Maker - Kate is a former fund raiser with a background working with philanthropic organizations.  She's now a cider maker, farmer, mom, salesperson and distributor, in no particular order.

Tim Arscott - Owner / Cider Maker / Orchardist - Tim is a former management consultant with McKinsey & Company.  He is our lead cider maker, orchardist and nerd.

Jamie Alfaro - Retail Manager - Jamie is a long-time restaurant and hospitality pro.  She now runs our tasting room and patio, much to the delight of our visitors.